José Miguel Lucas Martins

IT Area Director – Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Human communications as a pillar of RPA

How important is using Human Communications as a pillar of RPA in 2021?

It is a fundamental component, as technology is simply a tool (enabler) to deliver a solution to a problem that cannot be fully understood and dealt with without adequate communication…


Myrna Soufan

Chief Operating Officer


Operational Excellence while experiencing a sort of collapse

What would be the most important challenge going through unprecedented experiences?

Eduardo Lazaro Hermosilla

Global Head of Operations Discipline

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Scaling automation in Operations Back Offices

What are the top 3 changes you expect to see in the Back Office Operations in the near future?

Maurizio Garro

Senior Lead – IBOR Transition


AI and RPA disrupting financial sector

You will be presenting on “AI and RPA disrupting financial sector,” what are some key takeaways the attendees can expect from your session?

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