"Taking Business Intelligence
To The Next Level"

We create and manage a variety of remarkable conferences & summits that seek to promote challenges  of global importance. Our events offer special platforms to earn knowledge, share experiences, and create relationships with key experts from different industries worldwide.


is an architect of inspiring and innovative events, and remarkable conferences.  We bring  together professionals and executives from all over the globe,
and represent top leading speakers in the market who bring their latest knowledge on the most important topics in business today. We work with different industries such as Banking, Pharma, Chemical, Telecom, Transportation, Hospitality, Insurance, Retail, and Energy. 


is to make sure that our clients find the solutions of their challenges and fully benefit from networking and bench-marking opportunities. With our market research, unique ideas and remarkable conferences, we aim to empower our delegates with the most updated information which is beneficial for their career development.


are created to ensure showcasing up-to-date information, to solve different business issues, and to get maximum knowledge about current market challenges.


Marxo Smith is a well known B2B event producer that offer services for many business industries by choosing the most challenging topics and providing the best solutions to our clients. Our meetings offer great opportunities to network and benchmark with the best experts in the industry.


Despite of the chosen audience and speakers, we welcome as well sponsors who can offer their products and services for the chosen participants, and collaborate with us in giving a unique experience for every client that believes in our work.


Marxo Smith is happy to work with the best experts, who are ready to share experiences, points of views, and knowledge. Our events are chaired and presented by executives who know the biggest challenges of the market and have the right knowledge to offer solutions to these challenges.